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Due to the clients wish we can offer different types of accommodation both expensive hi class hotel and more simple but nice guest houses.
We do recommend a guest house where we rent a four-storey guest house where its just our fishermen using it during the stay.

The house has a nice standard with a cook, houseboy and we can offer all kinds of service you are used to in ordinary hotels. We eat breakfast in the house and the rest of the meals if we want, itís a restaurant in the first floor, but we also have our own kitchen in the second floor with all we need to self contained. We buy all we need of water, beer wine etc and store it in the kitchen. The guest house lay close to the beach and we look right out to our boat 50 meter outside the restaurant. When we have sea safaris different kinds of lodges will be used, all in best African style.

On ordinary days we get up and eat breakfast 0600 and leave the port 0630. We eat lunch in the boat approx 1200.

After arrival we eat dinner in different places and often we eat our own fish prepared in the guest house where we can eat on the roof top under the African star heaven.

The food is cheap and of course the menu dominated buy marine food as lobster, crabs, prawns and of course fish.