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Jambo Rafiki! (welcome friend)


Most people link Kenya to safari, lions and elephants and truly it is one of the best places to see the animals on the savannah. Less known is what the Indian Ocean can offer. Kenya is a neighbour to the Indian Ocean and under the surface most of the species that is most popular among the sport fishermen swims around.

The stock of Sailfish, Marlin, (blue, black and striped) and the night active Broadbill is among the best in the world.
No other place can produce “fantasia slam” that means five different species of billfish within 24 ours. More exact its sailfish, three species of marlin and the broadbill. The ocean has also god stocks of other types of big game fish as Yellow Tin Tuna, Wahoo, Giant Trevally, Dorado, Kingfish etc.

The stock of Tigershark is also in the top class and the world record all tackle record of Bullshark belong to Kenya.
We have been working hard the last five years to build up a solid base for a fishing scenario that truly “holds water” and proudly we can invite
clients to sport fishing in “formula 1 class”. The season starts with the monsoon blowing from the northeast in October and ends in April.
We own a 31 feet bi game boat rigged and ready, but we also use other captains and boats when we have many clients. Most of the time we stay with the clients on the dream island Lamu and rent a guesthouse where we have the whole house. Everything is organized so the clients can relax and not worrying about practical things during the stay 

Billfish guarantee
Billfish guarantee means that if the clients go after the billfish in primetime we offer one day free fishing if the boat do not have caught billfish
during the stay.

Captain Alexander
Alexander has long experience in sport fishing and has been active as an guide in Norwegian salmon rivers for 20 years and has the last years worked as an gillie on Fiva House in Rauma. In 2004 Alex trawled down to Kenya to find out the possibilities concerning fishing and he was not easy to bring back again! Kenya is “father land” no 2 and during winter time Lamu island is the right place to look for Alex. Big challenge to adapt to this kind of fishing but with time we learn and the boat do very well. The contact with the locale fishermen and captains is very important concerning safety and information. Alex is keen on flyfishing and try to develop the boat and technique suited for fly fishing both after
smaller fish and the billfish. Alex is also a certified IGFA captain and care for the tag & release program and conservation to
keep the stock healthy. The Billfish, Sharks  and other important fish due to size etc will be returned to the ocean.

If possible we take the fish in to make a photo and the fisherman will have his name in the tagging
chard and later registrated in Kenya association of sea anglers database.




Billfish gallery

Updatet gallery from trip in nov. 2009